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Foshan Birdies Outdoor Co.,LTD is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which is less than one hour drive from Guangzhou.
Our company specializes in aluminium furniture, Mexico gallery rattan furniture, hotel furniture, out-of-door shadowiness supplyings, etc. We have had a high-quality management system and have built an excellent reputation within the industriousness and our clients.The company has aimed to focus on providing the best products and professional services, continuous training for its employees and incessant institution, only to fulfill our customers’ requirements. From manufacturing to delivering the products and after cut-rate sales services, we believe in serving with sincerity and earnestness.
To provide the customers with professional services, fulfill the clients’ motives and to stay ahead in the business, we believe that the only way of doing that is to have the up to date technology and the expertise. Our company is continuously upgrading and improving its manufacturing cognitive process and its human resources to excel and be the best in the competitory industry.
Our company specializes in aluminum furniture, rattan furniture, hotel furniture, outdoor shade supplies, etc.

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We are devoted to make your leverage much more convenient and eternal rest assured. Our services include from products selecting, in metre communicating, timber control, loading and exportation papers.

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    How about sun

    How about sun mopes? There are many acquaintances who like to enjoy life after work. They are willing to choose some out-of-door natural actions to relax themselves. Traveling or protagonists assemblage is the best selection. Sun dillydalliers, an outside beach cane, can make us enjoy life well. The flowing air makes our body and mind very relaxed, dancing and flying with it. A few pieces of outdoor are simply placed in the courtyard, which can well create a comfy "out-of-door little earthly concern". Because the impression of vines is not a single tedious twists and bouts. Unlike other hardwoods, vines are very similar to people and have high malleability. Because of this, the rattan furniture under the modern craft packaging is obvious. Rattan furniture is also more colourful, with light-colored yellowness, red, immature, brown, white and immature matching very pleasing to the eye.

    03 02 2020
  • wicker furniture (1).jpg

    What blade is Mexico wicker furniture promotions

    What make is wicker? Here is a list of famous makes for you to choose. (1) Birdeis outside (a famous hallmark of Guangdong Province, a wicker enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, a well-known firebrand of gaoduanteng furniture, Foshan birdiesout-of-door Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) (2) Mr. holby (a leader in domestic Mexico Large rattan furniture diligence, a noble and elegant cultural intension, a well-known supplier of medium and high-end Mexico Buy rattan furniture marks, Dongguan Zhongyi Industry Co., Ltd.) (3 )Artie (a leading firebrand in the domestic high-end outdoor manufacture, an enterprise that proposed the concept of "holiday furniture" to begin with in the diligence, a big outdoor enterprise, Guangzhou yati Industry Co., Ltd.)

    23 01 2020
  • patio dining chairs.jpg

    How to buy eating house board top sides

    How to buy eating house table crowns? Last time, I asked the editor in his private letter how to choose and buy the eating place table whirligigs. Today, I will give you an resolution. Glaze stopping point, brightness. When purchasing eating place table acmes, first of all, like ordinary white ceramics, we should pay attention to the glaze finis and brightness. Good glaze cultivation and brightness, very pure people of color, not easy to hang dirty and filth, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new.

    23 01 2020
  • tile table.jpg

    What are the advantages of ceramic tile table

    What are the advantages of ceramic tile board? See a message from my friend saying that I want to open a burnt umber store. I don't know whether it's better to choose marble or ceramic tile mesa. Xiaobian would like to recommend ceramic tile board for you. Let's take a look at what's good about ceramic tile board.

    22 01 2020
  • swing chair (1).jpg

    Cane swing has "odor"

    Cane swing has "tone"? Today, Xiaobian received a private letter. A slight friend installed a cane basketball hoop chair in his coffee shop, but he found that the olfactory sensation of pigment was lingering for a long time, which was quite distressing. Let's talk about how to remove the key olfactory perception of cane swing. Fill the container with cold pee, then put some vinegar in the public discussion elbow room, and open the door of the furniture. In this way, the water system can be evaporated properly to protect the coating surface on the top of the wall, and the residual odor can be absorbed and eliminated.

    21 01 2020


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